49.3% of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Not Real

It’s been said that Joe Biden allegedly won the most votes in US history, even more than former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

However, the reality of Biden’s approval ratings, leadership, and the state of the country today significantly raises doubts about this. For one thing, a brand new poll by NBC News showed the president’s overall approval rating crashed to just 39%.

On top of this, shortages in baby formula, projections of $10.00+ per gallon gas, supply chain delays, and other problems are each taking place under the Biden administration.

However, as the current White House continues to see record levels of hardship in the United States, it’s since come out that just about half of Biden’s followers on Twitter are spambots, per the New York Post.

What to Know About Biden’s Phony Online Following

SparkToro, a software company, ran an audit that revealed a sizable chunk of Twitter followers of Biden’s isn’t even real accounts.

The 49.3% of spambots are not reachable and aren’t even capable of viewing the president’s tweets, despite being followers of his on paper.

This news about mass fake followers of Biden’s arrives as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been working to purchase Twitter.

Musk has since put the deal on hold, raising concerns about just how many fake accounts are actually on the site. Twitter, meanwhile, is pushing back against claims of mass spambots.

In a statement, Twitter argues that phony accounts and/or ones that are suspected spambots actually get shut down entirely.

Biden, meanwhile, hasn’t many any comments regarding the audit showing that almost five in ten of his Twitter followers are not even legitimate accounts.

More Problems Surrounding Twitter

As it turns out, mass spambots are far from the worst thing Twitter has going on these days.

In a newly leaked video, a senior engineer with the company is caught saying that Twitter workers don’t function as capitalists, nor do they favor free speech.

Meanwhile, this admission comes as Twitter has largely purported to support multiple views and not harbor any biases based on users’ politics.

Many Americans have expected otherwise for quite some time. However, this video simply goes to confirm it.

Since SparkToro’s latest audit, the president’s Twitter followers have not significantly fallen in any capacity. This would seem to suggest that the phony 49.3% spambots are still alive and well, inflating the true following Biden holds.

Twitter has given no indication that it plans to target the fake accounts that were revealed in the new audit.

Are you shocked by an audit that shows just about half of the president’s Twitter followers are phony, spammy accounts? We’d be more than thrilled to know your thoughts about this revelation in the comments area below.