50% of the Nation Believes Biden Can’t Fix New Crime Wave

The Democrat Party wants to fool the nation into believing that the crime crisis they’ve created is no big deal. House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dismissed jumps in crime as “hysteria”; however, the facts still remain. 

Homicides and other acts of lawlessness have surged at unprecedented rates. It’s not hysteria; however, these crime jumps do have a pattern. They are all taking place in leftist cities with Democrat mayors. Crime is also going up in communities that defunded the police and ignored warnings about the subsequent, adverse consequences. 

As president of the United States, Biden ought to be springing into action with a plan to stop this crime wave; instead, all the Democrat president is doing is trying to pass more unconstitutional gun restrictions. 

However, in a brand new poll, half of America stated that Biden doesn’t even have the ability to fix this new crime wave, Breitbart News reports. 

Mindblowing Incompetence from the 46th President

The lack of leadership from President Biden is impossible to miss. His White House is too preoccupied with trying to dodge the political fallout of defunding police to be bothered with real solutions. 

Just yesterday, Hill-HarrisX ran a poll assessing Americans’ confidence levels in Biden to get under control of these erratic increases of crime. The results were very revealing, however; a total of 50% of Americans stated that they are not confident in Biden’s capability to handle homicides. 

Tuesday’s findings from Hill-HarrisX get even more fascinating when taking a closer look at this 50%. 30% described their levels of confidence in Biden as “not at all”; meanwhile, 20% said their lack of confidence in Biden maintained at the level of “somewhat.” 

All in all, it’s very apparent that Biden’s incompetence and failure as a president cannot be hidden. No spins from the White House or lies about conservatives wanting to defund police will distract from the truth. 

Bringing Back Law and Order

The return of law and order is the only thing that can stop the surge of crime. Biden, however, will never admit this or extend any real support to the law enforcement community. Ultimately, this president is too fearful of offending the ‘defund police’ radicals and communists within his party. 

Republicans have consistently stood by law and order; this is evidenced by the fact that cities with GOP leaders are not seeing wide increases in crime like Democrat-run areas are. While Democrats permit acts of lawlessness and slash funding for police, Republicans work to keep police funded and uphold the rule of law. 

The contrast in leadership could not be any starker. 

Do you think that President Biden has the ability or willingness to take real action to stop the surges of crime across the United States? Give us your views below in the comments section.