A Nationwide Shortage in Teachers May Be Coming Soon

Both last year and in 2020, many schools completely shut down for months on end. This was due to COVID and health officials claiming that lockdowns were needed to slow the spread.

It’s since come out that these lockdowns didn’t stop the virus; although they did create a scenario where students were deprived of education.

Meanwhile, teachers’ unions fought to keep schools closed, even after COVID vaccines became available.

The ramifications of schools shutting down and keeping kids from getting an education aren’t quickly fading away. In fact, this is a factor in the new trend of teachers quitting their jobs altogether, per The Hill.

Fewer Working Teachers in America

Post-COVID, data has shown a rise of teachers walking away from the profession entirely. Data likewise shows that roughly half of US teachers are thinking about leaving within 24 months.

As more teachers decide to call it quits, the numbers of teachers coming on board aren’t enough to replace outgoing ones.

With fewer teachers on the beat, this poses issues for kids’ education going forward. This is especially true for parents who aren’t able to homeschool their kids for whatever reasons.

In America today, there are ongoing conversations about teachers’ wages and calls for them to pull in higher salaries. This, also, is playing a role in some teachers’ decisions to completely walk away from the profession.

Salary is an even greater factor today, with inflation being at exorbitantly high rates.

Controversy Surrounding Teachers in America

As of late, the controversy surrounding teachers has involved some of the lesson plans being taught to young kids.

The lesson plans in question often include critical race theory, transgenderism, gender theory, sexual intercourse, etc. It goes without saying that many parents don’t want their very young children to be exposed to this type of material.

However, there are some teachers who try to implement these lesson plans in spite of what parents want. This, of course, leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many Americans.

At the end of the day, classrooms aren’t political rallies for teachers to emote their views on cultural issues. Classrooms are environments where teachers are supposed to be instructing kids about things like reading, math, writing, etc.

Some teachers have lost their jobs over insisting on introducing gender and sex politics to their students. Until these politically-slanted curriculums are phased out of schools, controversies surrounding teachers won’t be going away anytime soon.

Are you concerned about the high rates of teachers quitting the profession altogether? What do you think about the controversy surrounding teachers instructing students on gender politics, transgenderism, and critical race theory?

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