Almost Six in Ten Voters Disapprove of America’s Current Direction

Today officially marks eight months since Biden became the president of the United States. it’s been a long eight months and this president has done more damage than most Americans even though to be possible in such a relatively short timeframe.

The president continues to double down on mandates, poor economic choices, disastrous fiscal policies, and more. Over the weekend, news broke that the Biden administration is currently debating whether or not to implement a COVID vaccine mandate for domestic air travel. This is something that the U.S. Travel Association is not supportive of, by the way.

For months and months, Biden’s approval ratings have been getting lower and lower. Breitbart News now reports that nearly six out of ten voters in the United States are displeased with the current direction of the country.

More Terrible Poll Numbers on Biden’s Job Performance

A fresh Fox News poll spells nothing short of absolute disaster for Biden in the past eight months that he’s been the president. According to this poll’s findings, a grand total of 56% of Americans disapprove of the current direction of the nation.

This number comes amid several ridiculous moves Biden’s made. The president’s decision to announce a COVID vaccine mandate for businesses and workers nationwide has engendered fierce backlash and will never hold up.

The 56% of disapproving Americans also arrives after Americans learned that a drone strike meant to take out terrorists in Afghanistan actually took out Afghan civilians and children. This, of course, stems from Biden’s feckless withdrawal of U.S. service troops from Afghanistan.

However, the feedback doesn’t stop there, though. When Biden became president, he vowed to unify the nation; however, 54% of Americans maintain that the country is less united with Biden in office. Only 37% claimed the opposite.

3+ years to go

With eight months down, America has a little over three years before Biden’s term expires. Right now, though, there are many debates about whether or not the current president will even manage to finish his term.

Previous polls taken this month confirm that many Americans are expecting Vice President Harris to have to fill in for Biden as president at some point. Biden continues to portray an image of a weak, worn down president, rather than as a leader who is capable of serving in his current post.

With all the damage that Biden’s done in eight months, it’s a scary thought to consider what could be coming in the next three years.

Do you think the nation is on the right track with Biden’s leadership controlling the federal government? Do you believe the current president will manage to complete his term in the White House? Let us know your views below in the comments section.