Almost Six in Ten Voters Fault Biden for Inflation

The Biden administration is horrifyingly oblivious when it comes to several of the messes they’ve made in America over the past six months. Inflation is one prime example that this White House just continues to miss the mark on. 

During a CNN town hall earlier this month, Biden dismissed concerns about inflation. As a matter of fact, the president stupidly said that just spending more money will do away with higher prices. Apparently, Biden doesn’t understand that reckless spending is what’s led to the current increase of prices across the board. 

Biden doesn’t get this…but the American people sure do. As a matter of fact, Breitbart News shines light on a new poll showing that nearly 60% of the nation faults Biden for inflation. 

The Inflation President

A poll from Morning Consult released earlier today shows that most Americans believe the blame for inflation ultimately rests with President Biden. Right now, voters to the tune of 59% believe that Biden’s policies on the economy are the cause of surging inflation. 

In a nutshell, Biden’s economic reforms have involved nothing more than spending money and running up the national deficit. Biden argues that his spending proposals are “investments” in the American people; yet, Americans are the ones paying more to purchase food, gas, furniture, and everything else across the board. 

Biden is very much earning a reputation as the inflation president. Had Biden not rushed through so much spending, inflation would not be where it is today. What’s even more horrifying, though, is the reality that Biden is fighting to get more spending bills through Congress. 

At this time, it’s quite plain that the president has absolutely no plans of changing his decisions which have led to the present inflation problems. Sadly, middle and working class Americans are the ones having to literally pay the price. 

An Oblivious President

The complete obliviousness coming from President Biden and his White House is downright dangerous. It is more than apparent that the 46th president lacks the fitness to make sound decisions and lead America. 

Biden has tried to claim that in the long run, his economic policies will drive down inflation. Meanwhile, the rest of the nation knows better. Spending one’s way out of inflation simply does not work. In order to bring inflation to a halt, the leadership in this nation must cease the policies that paved way to inflation. 

Sadly, this president and his administration remain too inept to make this happen. 

Do you blame President Biden for the rising inflation that is happening in the United States right now? How much longer do you think Americans will have to pay higher prices for everything? Let us know in the comments section below.