Americans Still Moving to Florida in Record Numbers

In this day and age, there are many upsides to living in a state such as Florida.

During 2021, the Sunshine State made history upon having more Republicans on their voter rolls than Democrats.

This marked the first time that Florida hit such a milestone; in fact, it appears that the surge of folks relocating to the Sunshine State are voting red accordingly and doing their best to keep the state as it is.

As America gets ready to close out the first month of a new year, Florida is still seeing a substantial surge in the numbers of Americans leaving other states. According to Fox Business, the Miami mayor has some thoughts to explain this consistent trend.

Why So Many Americans are Making Florida Their New Home

According to GOP Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, there are a series of reasons behind the heavy, inbound traffic to Florida.

Suarez noted that some huge explanations for this trend include low taxes, investments in law enforcement, innovation, affordable living costs, etc.

The Miami mayor also made it a point to inform that as many businesses move from other states to Florida, it provides the community with the benefits of high-paying employment.

The exact amount of individuals moving to the Sunshine State is projected to lie from anywhere between hundreds of people to thousands of people.

Meanwhile, studies have also proven that as states like Florida see more Americans moving in, blue states such as Illinois, California, and New York are seeing people flee in droves.

At the end of the day, the data very much speaks for itself. There are a good amount of people who don’t want to live under the thumb of the government.

If Democrats proceed as they have been with medical mandates, high taxes, cumbersome regulations, etc., they’ll keep on losing out.

The Freedom State

Amid nationwide debates over COVID mandates, Florida has been very clear that medical tyranny will not stand in the state.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced last week that his state won’t be enforcing the COVID vaccine mandate for healthcare workers that the Supreme Court allowed to remain in effect.

Likewise, in 2021, the governor worked with the Florida state legislation to pass multiple bills protecting both Florida workers and customers from having to show vaccine papers to engage in society.

As the numbers show, this approach is far more appealing than orders that force people to show their papers in order to eat at a restaurant or go to the gym.

At this time, the Florida 2022 governor’s election polls show DeSantis as well on his way to securing another term.

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