Americans Widely Rejecting Biden’s Open Borders Agenda

Open borders is a dangerous, communist agenda that must be rejected. Contrary to the left-wing misinformation campaign, immigration rules are not evil; they’re not racist or xenophobic either. 

Democrats want to con the country into believing that open borders is a policy of compassion; however, the very situation happening at the Southern border right now proves otherwise. When Biden became president, he essentially implemented open borders by striking down the existing immigration policies that upheld stability. 

When it comes to the Southern border, the Biden administration is clearly in over its head; as a matter of fact, their negligence of the border has become so damaging that now Republican states are having to work together and come up with a solution. 

Meanwhile, new polls show that the American public is widely rejecting Biden’s open borders agenda, per Breitbart News

What Americans Really Think About Open Borders

Open borders do not work, despite what Biden wants to force through. Not only do open borders not work, but they also alienate most of the nation. 

A new poll run by Washington Post/ABC News discovered that voters to the tune of 51% do not approve of how Biden has handled immigration at the Southern border. Not only did this president open up our borders, but he also had the gall to put illegal immigrants in swanky hotels and shuffle the bill over to taxpayers. 

Just 33% of voters said they approve of how this president is handling immigration matters at America’s Southern border. The numbers speak loudly and clearly here; what President Biden has chosen to do to our border is not wanted, nor it is popular. 

The Steady Fall of President Biden

Recent polls and surveys have not been swinging in Biden’s favor lately. One poll showed that the president is losing support from Democrats, a.k.a the folks who comprise his own base. 

Around this time, another survey confirmed that 48% of the country doesn’t agree with how Biden is handling crime rises in America; not even 40% said they agree with the president on this front. 

Apparently, Biden has also generated some annoyance amongst his base regarding climate change. Days ago, leftist climate change activists protested outside the White House, demanding that climate change reforms have a place within Biden’s infrastructure bill. The protesters moreover held up signs calling Biden a “coward” and ordering him to “fight for” their future. 

When looking at all of these details, it is absolutely clear that the steady fall of President Biden is very much underway. 

What do you think about Biden’s open borders agenda? Do you think Republicans in GOP states will be able to fix the mess that this Democrat president created? We look forward to reading your take in the comments section below.