Anti-Trump Extremist Alvin Bragg’s Office Busted For Major Malpractice

District Attorney Alvin Bragg helped lead the Trump witch hunt. He and his team of far-left lawyers in New York have done their best to get former President Trump in as much trouble as possible.

Bragg and his crew want to get Trump in jail for paying off porn star Stormy Daniels and they’ve desperately tried to build a case.

People like sleazy former Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti have been busted as liars and crooks, but Bragg and his team still want to get this thing done in any way possible.

Though now evidence is coming to light about lines that have been crossed.

Bragg’s Path To Prosecution

When Bragg first got in office, he didn’t focus on Trump. He felt there was no case because he still cared about facts at the time.

Eventually, however, once Trump said he’d be running for POTUS once again, Bragg decided that crimes had been committed.

So, he set his Manhattan staff to dig up whatever they could and try to nail Trump for allegedly giving his former lawyer Michael Cohen money to pay off Daniels to keep quiet prior to 2020.

Technically, Trump faces 34 charges, but they’re all just repetitions of the same indictment, which is alleged interference in a federal election.

These charges leaked out early, which was a huge breach of protocol, but now more revelations are coming out of Bragg’s office, thus crossing the line.

What Happened?

Police officers revealed recently to the New York Post that one of Bragg’s top detectives was recently suspended.

Why? Because he was in touch with Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen beyond the realm of allowable investigation. In other words, Bragg’s office has a big conflict of interest.

Apparently “protocol” means this financial investigator, Jeremy Rosenberg, is now being investigated internally for being a go-between with Cohen. This allegedly happened in an improper way to try to build the case against Trump.

The Bottom Line

Bragg’s witch hunt is only helping Trump anyway. You’d think after 2016 and the Trump presidency, these leftists would realize their obsession only helps boost Trump’s numbers.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.