AOC Has a Meltdown… Again

AOC Has a Meltdown... Again

( – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is having a silly meltdown… again. This time she’s super-duper mad at protesters across the country wanting the economy to be re-opened. Apparently, she doesn’t appreciate that they’re exercising their First Amendment rights.

AOC’s meltdown happened during one of her infamous Instagram live sessions. The former bartender called protests “outrageous.” She then said if they “want freedom” they should “march” to the White House and tell President Donald Trump to “make some damn tests.” This comes a few days after she cheered when oil tanked and the US hit a testing milestone.

First of all, Americans shouldn’t have to ask for freedom. Every person born in this country has the right to it from birth, unless they commit a crime. The only thing that’s outrageous is the fact she doesn’t understand the protesters have the right to both assemble and criticize their state governments under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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