AOC Is Being AOC Again

AOC Is Being AOC Again

( – The Left spent much of the past week calling on city officials to “defund the police.” Democratic lawmakers, like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), must have realized the chant is probably not the most palatable to most people. So, they’re trying to clean up the mess.

Too bad Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) seems intent on turning angry voters against her own party. AOC, as she’s known, told her Twitter followers that establishment Democrats are trying to make the movement more “palatable” to rich independents.

Her complete and utter lack of awareness is pretty impressive sometimes. She seems to have a problem with her party explaining what the movement means in order to get support. This is what politicians are supposed to do, by the way.

We don’t want to defend the Left because, frankly, this entire movement is ridiculous. It fails to take into account the larger issue of already cash-strapped police departments providing subpar training because excellent training isn’t in the budget.

But even we believe that they should be able to vocalize their issue, which is what she seems to take issue with. Every now and then, Democrats and Republicans align against AOC’s special kind of “Duh” and this is one of those times. Street cred on Twitter and silly slogans don’t get bills passed.

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