AOC’s GOP Challenger Says She’s “Abandoned” Her District

AOC's GOP Challenger Says She's

( – It’s hard to escape Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) these days. She seems to be everywhere stirring up controversy. That’s precisely why Republican candidate Scherie Murray hopes to take her House seat.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends: Weekend,” Murray said that the freshman congresswoman was “trying to deliver socialism to America.” She also noted that AOC isn’t even getting along with her own party, referring to her refusal to donate to the Democrats’ House organization.

“We are in this fight to combat what we see as a far-left socialist narrative that’s detrimental to America. Democrats are up in arms with her.”


The Republican went on to point out that AOC doesn’t seem at all interested in helping her constituents. Instead, she has spent a great deal of her time on television and in the media looking for attention.

“I plan on being in the district and I have a record of accomplishments, unlike my opponent who, from the time since she [was] elected, has been her bid for the limelight and has left the constituents of the 14th District abandoned.”


Murray’s exactly correct. AOC has never met an interviewer that she doesn’t like and, instead of working for her district, she is working for her own fame. Hopefully, voters in New York kick her right back to a bartending gig this November.

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