Arguments Against Mandatory COVID Vaccines Begin

A new week begins and yet the rise of COVID vaccine mandates is more prevalent than ever. Over the course of this month alone, several left-wing cities have announced that people without the coronavirus vaccine won’t be allowed entry into indoor spaces; there’s no doubt that more blue states and blue cities will adopt measures such as this.

Polling has shown that mandatory coronavirus vaccines are doing next to nothing to sway the unvaccinated. At this point in the game, the vast majority of people who are still not vaccinated just don’t want the jab. Polls have also shown that bribes, endorsements, and sweeping government edicts won’t succeed in strong arming people into getting the jab.

In a new turn of events, a Harvard health professional is warning that mandatory COVID vaccines are not the way to go, per Newsmax.

The Case Against Forced COVID Vaccines

On Friday, Martin Kulldorff spoke at length with Newsmax about the inherently problematic nature of vaccine mandates. The Harvard health professional stated that such mandates only serve to increase public resistance and overall “skepticism” when it comes to the COVID vaccines themselves.

Kulldorff also stated that there’s a real need for older people to get the vaccine, due to their higher risks of health issues. However, the health professional reiterated that forced vaccinations are poor public health strategies. Kulldorff made another point to note that mandating vaccines has the opposite impact than what is intended.

Later, when speaking with Newsmax, the health professional also stated that individuals who have previously contracted and beaten COVID don’t need the vaccine. Kulldorff explained that despite a possibility of reinfection, the evidence of immunity post recovery is stronger than evidence of immunity post vaccination.

Uprisings Against Forced Vaccinations in America

As more vaccine mandates are rolled out, the uprisings against them are commencing. Hawaii first responders have brought a lawsuit against the state for mandating the COVID vaccine. Meanwhile, in other states like Kentucky, California, and Tennessee, there have been protests against COVID vaccine mandates and mask mandates in the workplace, schools, etc.

Kulldorff’s warning against mandatory vaccinations comes as the Biden administration is reviewing the possibility of COVID vaccine mandates for interstate travel. This hasn’t happened yet, but it’s not something that the White House has ruled out for in the future.

Amid this news, more and more Americans are standing up and calling out this tyranny for precisely what it is. As things currently stand, mass noncompliance appears as the only solution to shutting down the quick emergence of forced COVID vaccinations.

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