As Transparent as an Iron Curtain

As Transparent as an Iron Curtain

Aside from those living in a cave on Alpha Centauri, everyone is aware that the Democrats are hard at work trying to overturn the 2016 Presidential Election. Rep. Doug Collins (R-KY) went on the attack when he was permitted to cross-examine Dem counsel Daniel Goldman.

Collins was relentless in trying to get to the truth behind some of the murkier tactics. For example, how did they obtain the private phone records of several people? Goldman’s response: “I’m not going to reveal how we conducted this investigation.”

A day or two before this confrontation, renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz likened the Liberal’s methods to those used by the KGB under then-Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. An inquisition made outside the view of the populous certainly sounds like something one would have expected from the old “evil empire.” These tactics shouldn’t have a place in the United States.

Given that so many on the Left, like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to name but two, are disciples of infamous Socialist rabble-rouser Saul Alinsky, it is naive to think they would behave otherwise.

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