Asian Rideshare Driver Brutally Attacked and Robbed by Trio of Women

An Asian rideshare driver was brutally attacked and robbed by three women in Chicago. The horrifying event, which took place on a Tuesday evening around 5:30 pm, was caught on camera, revealing the brutal reality of escalating crime rates in the city.

Danxin Shi, the victim, is a resident of West 22nd Place in Chinatown. He was returning home after a day’s work when he was ambushed by the trio.

The footage shows Shi parking his vehicle and walking along the street when he was suddenly struck with a metal pipe and shoved to the ground. The women then proceeded to beat him mercilessly.

“They’re holding me, you know, three people, three girls hitting and beating me,” Shi recounted in an interview with ABC 7 Chicago.

The assailants didn’t stop at physical assault; they also stole his car keys while he lay defenseless on the ground. “I have a key and they took my key,” Shi said.

Despite his injuries, Shi tried to prevent the women from driving away with his car.

“I tried to block them and they drove,” he said. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain. The loss of his vehicle has left Shi unable to work and earn an income. “Right now I have nothing to drive, I just stay home because I have no car, but next week I’ll try to rent a car,” he shared.

While Shi was fortunate to escape with only scratches across his body, the psychological trauma of the incident is likely to linger. The Chicago police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the case, according to ABC7 Chicago.

This incident is a stark reminder of the rising crime rates in Chicago. Statistics reveal that the total number of crimes in the city has risen by 34 percent compared to 2022 and a staggering 82 percent against 2021.

This alarming trend continues despite efforts by Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, who took office in May, to curb crime in the Windy City.

The brutal attack on Shi is not just an isolated incident, but a reflection of the deteriorating law and order situation in Chicago. It underscores the urgent need for effective measures to ensure the safety of residents and restore peace in the city.