Avenatti Faces Judge in Federal Court

Avenatti Faces Judge in Federal Court

A favorite primetime guest among liberals, Michael Avenatti faced a federal judge on Tuesday. Stormy Daniels’ ex-lawyer pleaded “not guilty” to an indictment in Manhattan Federal Court.

Avenatti is accused of trying to extort $25 million from Nike. According to prosecutors, the disgraced attorney told the company that he would hold a press conference accusing them of improper payments to college basketball recruits.

As you may recall, Avenatti represented Daniels in a failed lawsuit against the president. During his time as her attorney, Avenatti allegedly stole $300,000 from her. Thus proving the old adage “if you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.”

The extortion case against him is expected to go to trial in January. Here’s hoping he gets everything he deserves.

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