Bad News for the “Birth Tourism” Industry

Bad News for the

( – Every year, pregnant foreigners travel to the US with the sole intention of delivering their babies on American soil. Under US law, those infants are then automatically granted citizenship, which is pretty a convenient way to navigate around current policies. Unfortunately for them, President Trump has them in his sights.

Trump Administration officials told Axios that it plans to roll out a rule that will stop “birth tourism,” and it may come as early as this week.

The president has promised to try to put restrictions on birthright citizenship for a while now. He recognizes how crazy it is that illegals and other foreigners are able to circumvent the immigration laws for their kids by merely giving birth inside of our borders.

The new rule will allow State Department officials to deny visas to people who they think are trying to use the process to gain automatic citizenship. It’s expected to be the first step in Trump’s plan to crack down on people who abuse birthright citizenship.

Cue Democrat meltdowns any moment now.

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