Barr Is Sick of Anti-Cop Attitudes

Barr Is Sick of Anti-Cop Attitudes

( – Attorney General William Barr is sick and tired of anti-cop sentiments around the country. He’s especially angry that people believe they can just resist arrest whenever they want.

During a speech at an event for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Barr discussed the difficulty of being an officer these days. Part of the reason for this is the “troubling attitude” some people in our nation have towards peace officers. The attorney general went on to discuss the fact that assaults on police jumped by 20% in 2018.

Another issue Barr said that bothers him is the notion “that it’s okay to resist police officers” and district attorneys who don’t enforce the law:

Attorney General Barr didn’t just talk about anti-cop attitudes. He also touched on the high rate of suicide in the community. He’s working with other departments and President Donald Trump to address all of the issues plaguing police and said Americans owe the police all the services and support they need.

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