Bernie Sanders Calls Out Biden on Student Loan Forgiveness

The list of promises that Joe Biden made while campaigning for the White House, yet then reneged on upon getting elected, is getting longer and longer.

During Biden’s time running for president, he said he’d make community college free for Americans. However, just last week, first lady Jill Biden announced that Democrats aren’t including free community college in their agenda after all.

On the 2020 campaign trail, Biden committed to “defeating” COVID; yet, back in December 2021, the president admitted there is not a “federal solution” that can do away with this virus.

Likewise, Biden campaigned on student loan debt forgiveness; yet, amazingly, it hasn’t happened yet. This has now put the 46th president at a crossroads with progressives, as Fox News covers.

A Scolding from Bernie Sanders

During Super Bowl Sunday, Sanders took it upon himself to call out Biden for not absolving people of the student loans they willfully took out.

According to Sanders, SoFi’s multi-million dollar investment in having its name on a football stadium is a reminder that Biden needs to forgive student loan debt. Sanders has been one of the main proponents of this for quite some time.

Other Democrats, like Rep. Ayanna Pressley, have referred to student loan debt as “violence.” Then, there are leftists such as Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Chuck Schumer who claim Biden can erase student loans with an executive order.

This is not true, however. As president, Biden has the power to postpone debt payment deadlines with moratoriums. However, even as president, Biden does not have the authority to sign away the student loans that folks owe to the federal government.

A Losing Battle?

Amid rising leftist calls for Biden to cancel student loan debt through executive action, he’s not budging.

However, all of this has led to debates about the ethics of student loans being wiped away for people who knowingly borrowed this money from the government with strings attached.

Some folks argue that people who took out loans at 18 didn’t truly understand the gravity of what they were doing. Individuals with this mindset likewise note the crippling nature of this debt and how it hurts borrowers’ financial futures.

Folks with a different mindset believe if someone takes out a loan, they should pay it back. Then, there’s the question of whether or not loan forgiveness would be fair to people who borrowed money and then paid it back.

Right now, the White House is showing no sign of wiping away student loan debt. No one should hold their breath waiting for this to change.

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