Bernie Sanders Rails Against Moderate Democrats Amid Downfall of Build Back Better

The far left is not happy in 2022. They have failed to overturn the Senate filibuster in a quest for more power. Likewise, the hard left hasn’t been able to pass a series of extremist election bills that aim to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

Despite the narrative coming from the Democrat Party, there is no ongoing assault against Americans’ voting rights. Even moderate Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin have admitted as much.

Radical Democrats, in effect, want to rig every power system in their favor so they can do whatever they want with no one to stop them.

This is why Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with left-wing justices. It’s also why they want to federalize all levels of US elections and give statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, as Democrats make increasingly desperate moves for more power and control, the November midterms are getting closer. All signs show that Democrats are set to lose these races.

In light of this, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders recently had a meltdown over Democrats’ flubbed attempts to pass radical election reform bills and defeat the filibuster, per Fox News.

Sanders on the Midterms and More

During a CNN interview, the self-avowed socialist declared the GOP is chuckling all the way to the November midterms. Sanders then proceeded to claim that Republicans, along with moderate Democrats Manchin and Sinema, “sabotaged” Biden’s agenda by not voting accordingly.

Sanders then declared that all 50 Senate GOP members have no interest in getting anything done, other than censuring Biden. After accusing Republicans of getting by with “murder,” Sanders professed Democrats need to “change course.”

The socialist senator also noted that he was pleased with the Arizona Democratic Party censuring Sinema over her refusal to vote for the takedown of the Senate filibuster.

Finally, Sanders repeated the leftist lies that Republicans are conspiring to stop young folks, people of color, disabled individuals, and others from being able to cast their ballots in elections.

Time to Move On?

In light of Democrats’ unsuccessful efforts to demolish the filibuster and pass a series of radical bills, some Americans are saying the Democrats should move on and direct attention to other matters.

Matters deemed as worthy of consideration deal with inflation, keeping children in school, and lowering living costs. These are problems that everyday Americans are living with and focusing on, much more than they’re thinking about the filibuster in the Senate.

Democrats have yet to concentrate on inflation or other means of addressing everyday Americans’ concerns. This is a considerable reason why they are strongly projected to lose the November midterms.

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