Biden Administration Considering Tougher Action Against No-Knock Warrants

The Biden administration’s open hostility towards the law enforcement community continues to appear on full display for all to see. Time and time again, this administration supports policies that make it harder for police officers to do their jobs.

Of course, the White House has been eager to distance itself from the “defund the police” movement for political reasons. However, Biden will not condemn the own leaders in his party, like Congresswoman Cori Bush, who continue to advocate for law enforcement to be defunded.

However, the White House is looking into making some new changes to how federal law enforcement agents are able to do their jobs. Newsmax reports this could entail additional restrictions on no-knock warrants.

Understanding the White House’s View on No-Knock Warrants

In the wake of the botched shooting of Minnesota man Amir Locke, the Biden administration announced forthcoming action regarding no-knock warrants.

Warrants that allow for officers possessing search warrants to enter into residences without declaring their presence may be restricted. Currently, the administration is reviewing potential actions that could be taken with the Department of Homeland Security.

Thus far, the Justice Department already put in place new guidelines when it comes to the allowance of no-knock warrants.

These warrants are only allowed to be employed during times when officers determine declaring their presence would engender danger for parties involved.

Some situations have led to arguments that no-knock warrants pose danger for not just civilians, but also for the law enforcement officers on the job at the time.

Missing the Bigger Picture?

On social media, opinions regarding no-knock warrants have been varied at best. Some people believe these warrants need to be banned altogether. Many folks with this argument also maintain that African Americans are disproportionately harmed by no-knock warrants.

Then, there are other people calling Biden’s investigation into more limits on no-knock warrants a distraction. Some individuals even noted the origin of this procedure traces back to the crime bills Biden supported in the 1990s when he worked in Congress.

Meanwhile, as the White House looks into tougher action against no-knock warrants, they’re doing nothing to curb the numbers of people being let out of prisons.

The Biden administration likewise hasn’t found time to convene with leaders who are doing away with bail. “Bail reform,” as Democrats like to call it, is directly linked to crimes across various communities.

Until Democrats knock it off and stop being so soft on crime, a lot of innocent lives will perish in the process.

What are your views about no-knock warrants in the United States? Do you believe there should be more restrictions placed on officers being able to enter homes without declaring their presence? Let us know in the comments section.