Biden Administration, Justice Department Now Under Fire

In the past two years that Joe Biden’s been in the White House, he’s been riddled with one scandal after the next. Whether these scandals pertain to policy malpractice or controversy with his family, it’s not a good picture.

Right now, one of the latest controversies facing this president and his administration is a series of classified records found to be in his possession. The White House wants Americans to believe there’s nothing to see here, but most folks know better.

In fact, the longer this whole thing drags out, the worse it gets for Biden. According to Trending News Politics, a deal the Biden administration is believed to have cut with the Justice Department now has both bodies under the limelight.

A New Level of Corruption?

Reports now indicate that the Justice Department worked with the Biden White House to keep the public from knowing about sensitive documents in the current president’s possession. For obvious reasons, this was a story that the higher-ups didn’t want to become common knowledge.

So far, Americans know that batches of classified records were found at Biden’s home and workspace(s). What else the White House and Justice Department could be hiding remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, as this all plays out, the White House is working overtime to make Americans believe the administration is living up to its promise of transparency.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the president is doing what he needs to do and being accountable throughout this process.

Most Americans know better.

Bigger Problems For Biden?

News that Biden joined forces with the Department of Justice to keep quiet this latest scandal pertaining to classiifed documents isn’t going over well. Many Americans are calling for the president to be held accountable for this, especially after his past remarks on classified documents.

Some conservatives have taken to social media, declaring this latest scandal warrants Biden’s impeachment from office. Others stated that in light what’s been discovered thus far, the president ought to be raided by the FBI.

Ultimately, many Americans remain concerned about what they deem to be a double standard. The fact that the White House is being less than honest about this entire situation also isn’t doing much to inspire trust from the American people.

At the rate things are going, it is only a matter of time before yet another situation like this emerges. When it does, the general public shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the president or his administration to give an honest account of events.

What do you think about reports that the White House colluded with the Justice Department to keep Biden’s hidden documents scandal under wraps? You can let us know in the comments area.