Biden Administration Panned for Repeated Lies

On a daily basis, the Biden administration manages to routinely insult the intelligence of the American people. This happens when the White House repeatedly tells lies and expects folks to fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

Enough is enough. The Biden administration has lied about the border, inflation, higher gas costs, jobs, businesses, and more. Biden himself vowed to be a unifying president, yet he’s been one of the most divisive leaders this nation has ever had.

As time passes, growing amounts of Americans are tired of the repeated and flagrant falsehoods from the Biden administration. In an interview with Fox Business yesterday, former Florida governor and current GOP Sen. Rick Scott blasted the Biden administration for its ceaseless lies.

The Honest Truth

Sen. Scott told Fox that White House press secretary Jen Psaki consistently lies and expects to be believed.

The former GOP governor’s remarks came on the heels of Psaki’s untrue claims that the Congressional Budget Office’s projections for the Build Back Better Act are “fake.”

Sen. Scott additionally reminded that the Biden administration has spewed falsehoods about promising to not increase taxes for the middle class, having the infrastructure package paid for, and about the southern border supposedly being in a managed state.

Like Biden, Psaki lies ongoingly and apparently doesn’t ever expect to be confronted or called out for lying. It’s something that a growing number of Americans are sick of and want absolutely nothing to do with.

The White House press secretary furthermore fibbed when she claimed Biden’s low poll numbers are attributed to “psychological” matters and frustrations about COVID.

Another falsehood from Psaki arrived when she stated that smash-and-grab retail thefts boil down to COVID, rather than lax on crime policies from Democratic mayors and governors.

The Inevitable Reality

Despite the plethora of falsehoods coming from the Biden administration, the inevitable reality is the 2022 midterms are less than one year away. The president and his aides can lie all they want; what they can’t do is make Americans forget about the problems they’ve caused.

Time and time again, Americans have to live with the poor choices this White House repeatedly makes. Every time Democrats get another spending bill passed, they ensure Americans have to pay that much more, as inflation rises.

All of this (and more) will be on the ballot during the 2022 midterms. When Democrats lose power in Congress, and when Republicans take back the Senate and the House, perhaps the Biden administration will then regret its repeated lies.

Do you believe the Biden administration is guilty of repeatedly lying to the American people? Do you think the lies of the White House will come back to bite them during the midterms next year? Let us read your thoughts in the comments field.