Biden Administration Playing Both Sides of the Field on School Reopenings

"ShotsAroundTheHill_6" (CC BY 2.0) by Senate Democrats

Earlier this week, President Biden spoke about the importance of schools and in-person learning during his primetime address. To be more precise, the Democrat president touted the hyper-partisan and recently-passed American Rescue Plan as legislation that will help get schools safely reopened.

However, there are some issues with this. The first and greatest issue is that 0% of the American Rescue Plan provides direct funding for immediate school reopenings. In fact, substantial parts of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 package won’t even be spent until upcoming fiscal years.

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-” (CC BY 2.0) by Senate Democrats

For weeks now, Biden’s administration has been talking about getting schools reopened, while failing to act.

This is due to the reality that the Democrat Party is largely funded by extremist, far-left teachers’ unions; therefore, Democrats and the Biden administration are left playing both sides of the field when it comes to school reopenings, as Breitbart News documents.

The Biden Administration on U.S. School Reopenings

Yesterday, Miguel Cardona, the U.S. Education Secretary, told CNN that years will pass before Americans truly grasp the “devastating impact” absorbed by the education system due to coronavirus and school closures.

Cardona then branded the American Rescue Plan as a “victory” for schools and young people nationwide. The Education Secretary did not mention that none of the $1.9 trillion goes towards prompt school reopenings; however, Cardona did proclaim that students’ safe return to schools is his priority.

Before the U.S. Education Secretary wrapped up his interview with CNN, he made a few additional and interesting points. Cardona professed that “critical resources” exist within the American Rescue Plan to engender assistance for college students, in-person classroom learning, and more.

Inconsistencies Within the Biden Administration

Cardona’s remarks as the secretary of education are simply not in alignment with the policies and attitudes of the Biden administration.

Thus far, this current president has put in more action to open the border than he has to reopen schools. As previously stated, Biden remains largely bankrolled by left-wing teachers’ unions, bodies that continue to oppose school reopenings at each turn and for one reason or another.

Officials within the Biden administration can speak all day long about the merits of a safe return to classrooms; however, their policies need to back this up. Thus far, this is an area where the president and his aides continue to fall short.

Do you believe the Biden administration is playing both sides of the field when it comes to getting schools and classrooms reopened? Let us in on your perspectives down below in the comments section.