Biden Administration Puts Taxpayer Dollars to Shocking Waste

America remains in an economic nightmare, largely due to the fiscal choices of the Biden administration. During the first half of Biden’s presidency, a Democrat-controlled Congress enabled his spending by rubbing stamping costly proposals that drove up inflation.

Conservatives warned this would ruin the economy. Yet, the president and his allies insisted that more spending would get people back on their feet. Instead, Americans are drowning in debt, struggling to pay the bills, and unsure of when interest rates are going to fall.

Yet, despite the troubled state of today’s economy, the Biden administration is still spending American taxpayer dollars like there’s no tomorrow. A portion of this spending is going towards helping wildlife employees who are apparently struggling with “eco-grief,” according to the Tampa Free Press.

What in the World?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is tasked with the responsibilities of shielding endangered species, along with safeguarding plants, wildlife, and fish.

However, it’s recently come to light that members of this government agency are hosting eco-grief sessions where they lament over environmental changes that are taking place. Apparently, these sessions came at the behest of Fish and Wildlife Service employees.

What’s most problematic about these eco-grief sessions hosted by the Fish and Wildlife Service is they happen across multiple states and on the dime of the American taxpayer.

For every eco-grief session held, taxpayers lose at least $4,000. These are funds that could be put to wiser use or, better yet, not spent at all for the sake of managing the rising national debt.

Unacceptable and Unsustainable

Amid the news of eco-grief sessions costing US taxpayers thousands of dollars at a time, to say that many Americans aren’t pleased would be an understatement.

On social media, concerned citizens called for the defunding of eco-grief sessions altogether. Others noted that on Biden’s watch, the country is spending at a rate that’s unsustainable for any sort of economic recovery.

Republican lawmakers also raised questions about what else taxpayers may be unknowingly funding. Conservatives then said the Interior Department should focus its resources on efforts such as bringing down gas prices and making sure land is managed properly.

So far, there is no indication that the Fish and Wildlife Service will put an end to the eco-grief sessions requested by employees. Therefore, US taxpayers are likely to keep seeing their valuable dollars go towards wasteful, unnecessary classes.

Meanwhile, as more money is put to waste, Biden announced new tax hikes just earlier this month.

Are you surprised to learn that for every eco-grief session held by government employees, at least $4,000 of your hard-earned money is going down the drain? You can let us know what you’d like to see done about this in the comments section.