Biden Alienates Black Voters with COVID Vaccine Mandate

President Biden truly overplayed his hand when he announced a COVID vaccine mandate earlier this month. First of all, the mandate will never hold up in the courts. Republicans are coming out against this mandate in full force, as is the small business community.

Biden’s vaccine plan is not popular. It’s a headache for businesses to enforce; it also causes more tensions at establishments that have these mandates pushed on them. New York City’s COVID vaccine passport program and the ensuing chaos that has followed thus far is a prime example.

Right now, people are standing up in record numbers to protest COVID vaccine mandates. Many Americans are walking away from their jobs or suing their employers over COVID vaccine requirements.

However, in a plot twist that no one really saw coming, Biden’s managed to alienate Black Lives Matter members due to his unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate. As Townhall reports, the aforementioned mandate has caused Biden to lose considerable support from black voters across America.

Black Voters Sour on Biden

A poll conducted by Morning Consult speaks volumes about where black voters really stand when it comes to approval of the president. Morning Consult revealed that during this month alone, Biden’s approval from black Americans who haven’t gotten immunized fell by 17 points.

Black voters’ waning support for Biden could materialize in a lack of turnout during next year’s midterms races. Suffice it to say, this wouldn’t really bode well for Democrats. Additional polls have already confirmed that Independent voters aren’t too thrilled with Biden right now.

The White House earlier this week dismissed polls showing Biden’s falling approval ratings; however, the numbers continue to speak for themselves. This president cannot continue to pretend like the facts aren’t what they are.

BLM Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

Black Lives Matter has made it clear that they are not on board with vaccine mandates. In fact, the New York chapter of BLM is very vocal in their opposition against these requirements; leaders have also branded the mandates as “racist” and vowed that “uprisings” will happen to shut these mandates down.

It is very rare that Black Lives Matter and conservatives agree on issues. However, when it comes to COVID vaccine mandates and opposition against this, this is one of the rarer occasions where BLM and the political right see eye to eye on something.

The longer Biden leads, the more of the country opposes him. This president, however, appears oblivious to the realities that are so clearly before his eyes.

What do you think about black voters and BLM turning against Biden over his COVID vaccine mandate? Do you think BLM will play a role in getting COVID vaccine mandates shut down once and for all? Let us know in the comments section below.