Biden Amnesty Plan Could Backfire on Democrats

"Kamala Harris" (Public Domain) by US Department of State

Despite the Democrat Party presently controlling the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives, there are still certain issues that the left must approach carefully.

One of them deals with the 46th president’s $1.9 trillion dollar spending package. Many Democrats are unhappy that this package contains stimulus checks of $1,400, rather than $2,000 checks promised by Biden and Georgia Democrats during the Senate runoffs.

“Joe Biden” (Public Domain) by US Department of State

Another matter deals with the mass amnesty plan that Biden is pushing for. Some congressional Democrats are opposed to this proposal; moreover, Newsmax is now explaining that the 46th president’s mass amnesty plan could very well backfire on his own party.

The Double-Edged Sword of Mass Amnesty

There’s no secret that Democrats have aligned themselves with pro-amnesty, mass illegal immigration policies. As a matter of fact, many leftists in Congress are fully in support of removing physical barriers at the Southern border and doing away with deportations altogether.

The double-edged sword of mass amnesty, however, is that the push for it could alienate swing voters and independent voters. Support from this base is important for the left; likewise, some Democrats oppose the mass amnesty that further-to-the-left members of their party are all on board with.

Despite Democrats controlling both congressional chambers, the party’s divide regarding mass amnesty could lead to a lack of execution. Subsequently, the failure to pass amnesty legislation also carries the risk of Democrats alienating the more progressive base of the party.

Pushback from the Republican Party

Republicans are already pushing back against the amnesty plan of the 46th president.

Conservatives charge that Joe Biden ought to prioritize the interests of out-of-work Americans before catering to illegal immigrants. Additional censure from Republicans states that Biden is only worsening the current joblessness crisis by eliminating blue-collar, union jobs with failed energy policies.

The GOP maintains that mass amnesty will only succeed in killing off more American jobs and undercutting the wages of working-class individuals. Democrats, on the other hand, believe that mass amnesty is “compassionate” and a policy that will earn accolades from their supporters.

Whether or not Biden’s mass amnesty plan comes to fruition remains to be seen; however, there still remains limitless potential for this push to backfire on Democrats in an iota of ways.

Do you think Democrats will regret their agenda of mass amnesty and ending deportations for illegal aliens? Don’t be afraid to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.