Biden Believed to be Sabotaging Harris

Things are not going well for Joe Biden as president. There are several damning polls that continue to demonstrate his massive failures as president, less than one year into his term.

Some of the latest polls confirm most Americans believe Biden isn’t focusing on issues that matter to voters and should decline to run for re-election. Surveys also show Americans are concerned about inflation, something that’s impacted most people’s spending habits.

The White House is on a dangerous path…and many Americans feel as if they’re forced to come along for the ride. What’s even more unfortunate is the Biden administration is choosing to pass the buck and not face the reality of the messes they’ve made.

In fact, it is widely speculated now that Biden is looking to scapegoat Kamala Harris, his vice president, for the failures of his administration, per Newsmax.

Throwing Harris to the Wolves?

During a Newsmax interview, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson shared his thoughts about what’s ultimately happening inside the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the Biden administration collapses.

The Republican lawmaker declared Biden is essentially setting up Vice President Harris to take the fall for the failures of this administration. Johnson cited an instance back in March where Biden designated his vice president as the point person to address illegal immigration problems.

According to the Republican lawmaker, Harris’ previous statements where she compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the KKK already demonstrated she wouldn’t be the right person to handle the border problems.

It turns out Johnson’s views aren’t too far removed from what Harris’ own aides are saying. One aide told CNN the Biden administration is setting the vice president up with “losing issues” that don’t mesh well with her capabilities.

The Truth About the Biden Administration

The White House is unfortunately led by a president who showed he doesn’t have a clue on how to take responsibility for his own failures. This was demonstrated when Biden stated his handling of Afghanistan was tantamount to success.

This so-called success entailed the deaths of American troops and the Taliban worming its way into power. Never once did Biden acknowledge these realities or even apologize.

Therefore, with all things considered, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Biden is once again trying to pass the buck by making his vice president the fall person for his own errors. There are even ongoing reports of the White House looking into replacing Harris with a new vice president altogether.

What do you think about reports that Biden is using Harris as the fall person for the mistakes he makes as president? Do you believe the relationship between Biden and Harris has reached a low point? We’d like to know your thoughts in the comments section below.