Biden Blasted for Dangerous Political Agenda

Since Biden got into the White House, he’s been on an apparent warpath to ruin this country as quickly as possible. 

Biden first proved this when he revoked the Keystone Pipeline permit keeping thousands of energy workers in business. The next indicator arrived when the 46th president carelessly reversed sensible immigration reforms that former President Trump set up before leaving office. 

The chaos of the Biden presidency continues to spread across the nation; however, the White House administration remains as oblivious as ever. They even had the nerve to blame inflation on former President Trump, rather than the heavy spending and ill-advised policies embraced by none other than Biden himself. 

Over the weekend, Stephen Moore, an economist, blasted the danger posed by Biden’s policies, as Newsmax confirms. 

Stephen Moore on the Consequences of Biden’s Agenda

This past weekend, Moore spoke with The Cats Roundtable regarding the economic consequences of President Biden’s agenda. The economist weighed in on a series of matters; these matters included the infrastructure package being debated by lawmakers, current rates of inflation, and more. 

Firstly, Moore warned that the legislation which Republicans and Democrats are trying to reach an agreement on is far from a clean bill on infrastructure. Moore detailed that roughly eight out of ten provisions of the legislation center around Democrats’ pet projects (like the Green New Deal) rather than real infrastructure. 

Later, Moore made a point of noting that President Biden is sabotaging America’s ability to fully recover economically from COVID. If current patterns persist, the United States’ national debt could jump by a whopping $22 trillion before 2032 gets here.

Moore furthermore remarked that the Federal Reserve is overestimating the country’s ability to recover from inflation. 

Stopping Biden’s Dangerous Agenda

The grave need to stop President Biden’s dangerous agenda could not be more obvious. Biden himself will not change course; therefore, the onus lies on Republicans. 

One of the most important things Republican leaders can do right now is continue pushing back against the radical policies coming out of this administration. Between now and November 2022, the GOP can also communicate with American voters and explain why voting Republicans back into the House and Senate majorities is the right call. 

Winning back Congress will put the GOP in an even stronger position to stop Biden’s dangerous agenda. The next test will arrive in 2024, during the presidential election. Running a strong conservative candidate (such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis) will be key to making Biden a one-term president and getting America back on track. 

Are you concerned about the adverse impacts of Biden’s political agenda? Do you believe this president is sabotaging the best interests of the nation? Let us know in the comments section below.