Biden Calls Preventing Minors From Transitioning “Sinful”

President Joseph Biden said it was almost a sin for governments to prevent minors from receiving “gender-affirming care,” putting children in direct contact with transgender activists in the medical field.

Biden Supports Child Abuse

For Monday’s installment of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, Biden spent time with guest host Kal Penn to document an interview.

The topic of trans-identifying children came up during the interview, along with the Republicans’ attempts, like in Florida, to prevent minors from making irreparable choices about their bodies.

This is while they’re still too young to vote, smoke, drink, drive a car, or even get a tattoo.

Biden acknowledged the question of “gender-affirming care” is more difficult and delicate when minors are concerned, but he emphasized that laws should forbid states from intervening.

The clip was released before the show aired. It shows Biden saying gender-affirming care is more difficult when minors are concerned, but what is happening in Florida is, as his mother would say, “sinful.”

He continued his rant by saying what the Republicans in Florida are doing is terrible and it’s not as if kids wake up and suddenly think they want to change their gender and become a man or a woman.

He questioned what they must be thinking and said those children are people who love and have emotions. They also just have a certain inclination. Biden said he felt that this was too harsh and the only word he had for it is “cruel.”

The president continued to rant and advocate for legislation, saying the federal government must make sure America introduces laws that are similar to the ones put in place to protect same-sex marriages.

Biden said then if someone went against these laws, they’d be breaking the laws of the country.

Biden doesn’t seem to realize that being homosexual is not the same as allowing underaged children to mutilate and forever affect their bodies and lives.

These minors are far too young to understand the consequences of their decisions or even the concept of transitioning itself.

If you’d have asked my tomboy sister when she was between the ages of six years old and 13 years old if she wanted to be a boy, she’d have jumped at the chance. Most girls would say the same thing about themselves. It doesn’t mean it would be the right thing for them.

Florida Bans Transitioning for Minors

Regarding “what’s going on in Florida” — the initiatives Biden was criticizing – state medical boards decided to outlaw cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and transgender procedures for children in November.

Moreover, the Florida Senate introduced an act in February that would make companies liable for the costs of de-transitioning if they already paid for the accompanying medical expenses.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.