Biden Can’t Shake America’s Supply Chain Problems

America’s supply chain is the latest casualty of the failed administration presently calling the shots in the White House. Less than one year into Biden’s presidential term, one of our country’s biggest operations is facing systemic problems with nationwide consequences.

The Biden administration has failed to take a proactive approach to fix the problem they engendered. Instead, the White House is full of excuses and attempts to pass the buck, rather than face facts.

Whenever President Biden talks to the media for too long, things tend to go left. This pattern persisted yet again when the president was confronted with the reality of the supply chain crisis, according to Townhall.

The Latest from Biden on the Supply Chain Crisis

Yesterday, the mainstream media pressed President Biden on the supply chain crisis and the moves he’s made thus far. When one reporter read a quote to Biden (the quote stating the president was voted into office to restore normalcy and end insanity), the president’s response was very telling.

Biden took it upon himself to essentially declare the nation is not smart enough to comprehend the workings and particulars of the supply chain crisis. Biden also went on to claim as the president, it’s his job to bring answers and relief to the American people.

While making these claims on Saturday, Biden neglected to mention his COVID vaccine mandate (that a Federal Appeals Court hit with a temporary halt) is not proving relief. Instead, this mandate threatens Americans’ livelihoods, disrupts the economy, and engenders more social unrest.

Many Americans did not appreciate Biden openly insulting the intelligence of the public. It’s worth noting many reporters and others have spoken and written about the supply chain crisis at length.

For this president to suggest that virtually no one understands the supply chain crisis merely speaks to his hubris and disconnect.

No Solutions, Only Excuses

On Saturday, numerous Americans noted Biden himself did not explain how the supply chain crisis works, despite his claims the general public doesn’t grasp it.

Furthermore, while insulting Americans’ intelligence in this regard, Biden additionally failed to reveal his solutions to get these bottlenecks under control. With the terrible ripple effect supply chain setbacks are having on the nation, Americans want solutions.

The last thing the United States needs is a president arrogantly standing before a podium and declaring the country can’t comprehend the supply chain. Plus, if Biden has such a strong grasp on the matter, why hasn’t he gotten rid of bottlenecks?

What do you think of President Biden claiming on Saturday that the American public lacks the intelligence to grasp the particulars of the supply chain crisis? We’d love to read your take on this in the comments area.