Biden Exposes Own Senility, Unfitness for Office in Fresh Cheat Sheet Gaffe

Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden made a fresh gaffe that put an abrupt end to any doubts the American public may still be having regarding his rapidly progressing senility.

He accidentally, in a single stroke, disclosed his humiliatingly detailed cheat sheet provided to him by his caretakers.

‘YOU Take YOUR Seat!’

Biden’s impressive gaffe occurred while he was attending a meeting with executives from the wind energy industry in the White House’s Roosevelt Room.

During the meeting, the president had a binder packed with talking points, as well as a chart comparing wind turbine sizes to world landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building.

Also, Biden held up one of his note cards to read from it. In doing this, he exposed to reporters and cameras the back of the card.

This had bewilderingly detailed instructions on what he should be saying and doing over the course of the event.

The very basic commands in the sheet were directly addressed to the seemingly senile Empty Shelves Joe. They didn’t even mention his as “the president,” but all of them contained the words “YOU” and “YOUR.”

Even more humiliatingly, those two words were shamelessly printed in bold, uppercase letters.

The embarrassing cheat sheet instructions in question contained commands such as “YOU take YOUR seat,” “YOU depart,” and “YOU give comments.”

(Video snapshot from C-Span)

Biden’s Eight YOU-Commands

More specifically, the back of the note Biden lifted up for all of America to see contained a plan of eight points on how he should act during the wind energy industry meeting.

The first thing Biden was ordered to do by the list was to “take YOUR seat.” After that, he was instructed, “YOU give brief comments” for “(two minutes)” – once the reporters come into the Roosevelt Room.

Subsequently, the current president was ordered to mingle a little with the meeting participants. For instance, he was told, “YOU ask Liz Shuler a question” – referring to the AFL-CIO President.

To wrap up the little senility-impaired presidential event, Biden was then commanded, as follows, “YOU thank participants” and then, “YOU depart.”

Thursday’s tell-all accident certainly isn’t the first time he’s been caught using cheat sheets. However, this time, the gaffe was particularly revealing; the commands were utterly embarrassing and the scene was very clear.

For instance, earlier this year, Biden was photographed with a cheat sheet on Ukraine and the Russian war against it. The cheat sheet had written on it answers Biden was supposed to give to reporters’ questions.

Last July, Biden displayed in a similar fashion to the cameras a note given to him by an aide telling him to wipe off his chin, which he didn’t.

In any case, Thursday’s flashing of the commands Biden is taking from his caretakers – or puppet masters – beats any of the cheat sheet gaffes he ever made.