Biden Forced to Reimplement Trump-era Immigration Reform

When Joe Biden first got into the Oval Office, he made it his business to reverse policies that Trump had set up. The series of reversals carried out by the 46th president are a huge reason why the nation is presently facing one crisis after the next.

One policy that Biden specifically made a point to scrap was former President Trump’s Remain in Mexico reform. In a nutshell, Remain in Mexico kept the southern border (and America itself) from being overwhelmed with migrants as it is now.

Of course, Biden relied on his almighty executive powers to bring about Remain in Mexico’s demise; although, this ultimately backfired. As Washington Examiner now reports, the Supreme Court of the United States recently determined that Biden must reimplement Remain in Mexico.

A Crushing Blow to the Biden Administration

Yesterday, the Supreme Court shut down an attempt from the Biden administration to override a Texas federal judge who ordered the re-enactment of Remain in Mexico. Per the Supreme Court’s decision, Biden’s “rescission” from Remain in Mexico is not proven to be compliant with the law.

The Supreme Court is the highest in the land and this ruling is final. Bringing back Remain in Mexico furthermore increases the likelihood of the southern border getting back under control. Right now, with Biden’s failed policies at the helm, border officials are struggling day in and day out.

Of course, reactions to the Supreme Court’s ruling fell right in line with partisanship. Republicans cheered the decision while Democrats expressed their dismay. This also marks a victory for former President Trump who has been critical of Biden’s immigration policies — amongst other things.

Making America Great Again

The United States is in a dire position. We’re facing multiple crises; meanwhile, our president is negotiating with the Taliban as American citizens and U.S. allies are held hostage. Just earlier this week, the Taliban levied threats against the United States and Biden did nothing.

Overall, Biden has weakened America. Remain in Mexico’s reinstatement will make things more manageable on the U.S.-Mexico border; however, America needs many more Trump policies to make a comeback. Biden has continuously proven via deeds and rhetoric that he’s not of sound mind or good judgment.

Making America great again means getting Biden out of office and replacing him with a principled, conservative leader; it also means shutting down Biden’s feckless policies and restoring Trump-era reforms which actually worked. The Supreme Court’s ruling on Remain in Mexico is a win; however, we have much further to go.

What do you think about the Supreme Court’s ruling that Biden must reinstate Remain in Mexico from the Trump administration? We want your unfiltered opinions down below in the comments section.