Biden Hits a Snag in War Against Oil and Gas Sector


The president of the United States has waged an all-out war against oil and gas in the United States. It first began when Biden ruined Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of jobs attached to it.

Biden’s war against the oil and gas sector is furthermore made apparent by his nominee for Comptroller of the Currency. Biden and the White House are openly backing the nominee who expressed her interest in seeing the oil and gas sector succumb to bankruptcy.

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That’s not all, though. Earlier this year, Biden put in place a ban against oil drilling on federal lands. The president is also gearing up to destroy yet another pipeline, this one being Line 5 in Michigan.

However, just earlier this week, Biden hit a snag. Breitbart News confirms the president’s prohibition of oil and gas works on federal land is facing a halt, courtesy of orders from a federal judge.

Not So Fast!

The injunction on Biden’s anti-energy order comes after a lawsuit from Jeff Landry, the attorney general of Louisiana, who has the backing of 12 more states. As things currently stand, oil and gas leasing is reopening.

After the ruling on Monday, the White House conceded it had no choice but to abide by this halt while it remains in place. The Justice Department, at Biden’s behest, is now working to get an appeal in order to reinstate the ban against energy operations on federal lands.

Climate change activists are incensed over this new development. Many of these environmentalists are now directing their rage towards the Biden administration. The view here is that Biden should have done more to further push back and fight the injunction.

Various environmental organizations are also now bringing lawsuits against the Interior Department for the reinstatement of drilling. However, the injunction very clearly speaks to what the White House can and cannot do in this regard.

A Victory for America

Left unchecked, the Biden administration’s war against the oil and gas sector will have ruinous impacts on the nation. It is very good this federal judge ruled in favor of essentially nullifying Biden’s executive order.

Lousiana’s attorney general cited this as a victory for the United States. Landry also explained this injunction is good news for workers whose jobs are dependent upon providing energy to the country.

The judge’s ruling is furthermore a victory for Americans who are sick of paying more to keep their homes warm and put fuel in their vehicles. Gas prices are up and Biden’s war on the oil and gas sector is the culprit.

For the sake of the United States, there need to be more judges who act accordingly to rein this president in.

What do you make of Biden’s vendetta against the oil and gas sector in the United States? Let us get your thoughts about the injunction in the comments section below.