Biden Ironically Lands in Hot Water With Media Over Gun Control

The Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting is a dark cloud looming over the United States. Communities and families are hurting as a result of this. Children are dead or were forced to witness their classmates being brutally gunned down.

Unfortunately, before the bodies were even cold in the ground, this tragedy was rapidly politicized.

Americans on the left side of the political spectrum opted to call for gun control. They also dismissed Republicans who raised concerns about mental health and the level of security that exist in children’s schools.

Biden, of course, was one of the loudest voices that called for standing up against “the gun lobby” and otherwise passing new gun control measures, as documented by Fox News.

However, as the president calls for more restrictions on Americans’ constitutional rights, he’s ironically landed in trouble with the left for failing to go far enough to their liking.

Pushback From the Media

Yesterday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself facing questions from reporters who think the White House ought to do far more on gun control.

Jean-Pierre was pressed on why Biden hasn’t created a task force on firearms, established a czar on guns, or otherwise taken similar measures. To this end, the press secretary said the greatest actions for more gun control have to come from Congress.

Later, Jean-Pierre said there’s $10 billion from Biden’s American Rescue Plan that is going towards fighting crime where guns are involved. She also touted Biden’s heavy use of executive actions in a relatively short time period.

When further questioned by the media about acts of gun violence, Jean-Pierre said the White House shares Americans’ anger and frustration.

Nevertheless, Thursday’s press conference made it very clear where the left stands. Democrats overwhelmingly hold the view that Biden needs to take more unilateral action to curb gun rights in America.

Downplaying Mental Health

As more news comes out about this week’s shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the gunman is revealed to have made disturbing social media posts. There were many signs that he wasn’t stable, to begin with.

In light of this, many conservatives are once again sounding the alarm about mental health and the role it plays in these mass shootings.

Unfortunately, this is something the White House press secretary downplayed during Thursday’s press conference. Jean-Pierre made it clear the Biden administration doesn’t support a widespread focus on mental health reform, as it pertains to mass shootings.

This White House, and the left in general, remains in support of stricter gun control alone.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s latest remarks about mass shootings, gun control, and mental health in the United States? Please be sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments area.