Biden Likely Dragging America into Another Recession

At every single chance, President Biden has made decisions that are disastrous for the United States’ economy. Biden wants more spending, more regulations, higher taxes, and COVID vaccine mandates.

None of the above are business-friendly. They drive business owners out of work and drive employees out of the workforce. Inflation is a persisting plight in the United States because the president’s American Rescue Plan legislation passed earlier this year.

Another blow to the U.S. economy arrived last week when the nation learned about the atrocious jobs report from September 2021; yet again, Biden sought to deceive the American public, duplicitously claiming the aforementioned jobs report signified economic progress.

Right now, the president of the United States is lying to himself about the gravity of harmful choices he’s making for the economy. Now, Townhall is warning that Biden could very well be dragging America into a recession.

A Recession Under President Biden?

Professors and authors Alex Bryson and David Blanchflower maintain that a U.S. recession under the current president is imminent. Bryson and Blanchflower back up these assertions by noting the historic patterns and implications of consistently low consumer confidence.

According to these two scholars, the past six months of dismally low expectations from consumers indicate that America is already approaching a recession. This news also comes amid inflation, supply chain problems, staffing shortages due to COVID vaccine mandates, mass firings due to COVID vaccine mandates, etc.

Meanwhile, President Biden is still working with Democrats in Washington D.C. to pass a spending bill which would have horrific impacts on the economy. Higher taxes, a depleted GDP, and less money in the pockets of Americans is barely the tipping point.

America in Crisis

The patterns and data indicating the United States is approaching a recession is very bad news indeed. It certainly doesn’t bode well for Americans who are barely surviving and doing all they can just to tread water.

The news about an imminent recession also clearly shows that what Biden is doing is not working. Paying people not to seek employment doesn’t work. Forcing through polarizing COVID vaccine mandates that get people fired doesn’t work.

Now, more than ever, America needs workers and people to do their jobs. Many businesses cannot afford to lay off even a modest percentage of their staff simply because they don’t want the COVID vaccine.

America is ultimately in crisis because the leaders in the White House have failed the nation. It’s time for some new changes to happen and they need to happen as quickly as possible.

Do you believe the United States is approaching a recession with the decisions that President Biden is making? Let us know your thoughts about an imminent recession below in the comments section.