Biden Looking into Executive Action for Cancelling Student Loan Debt

"210210-D-BN624-0098" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Shortly after President Biden was sworn into office in January, he vowed to be a president who worked across the political aisle.

Since this speech, the 46th president’s leadership has consisted of passing one executive order after the other; furthermore, Biden consistently teams up with Democrats in the House and Senate to completely bypass Republican lawmakers. To make matters worse, Biden won’t even agree to a sit-down meeting with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. 

“210210-D-BN624-0092” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Student loan debt cancellation is something that Democrat leaders and lawmakers are pushing for. However, Democrats and President Biden remain at odds about specifically how much student loan debt ought to be cancelled. 

According to Breitbart News, the president is now looking at how much legal room he’d have to unilaterally cancel student loan debt without congressional involvement. 

Can Biden Cancel Student Loan Debt via Executive Action? 

Miguel Cardona, President Biden’s education secretary, currently has the responsibility of determining if Biden can legally cancel student loan debt without getting Congress involved.

Per the White House chief of staff, Cardona’s investigation into this matter will take at least several weeks; although, once this information is found out, it will ultimately determine how the Democrat president proceeds.

Reports are also active that this probe is a means for Biden to soothe the Democrats who are increasingly frustrated with him for not implementing massive student loan debt forgiveness. 

In light of COVID-19, student loan debt interest accumulation is temporarily halted; however, this is still a far cry from the complete cancellation of student loans entirely. Ultimately, that’s what the most progressive Democrats are pushing for. 

The Debate on Cancelling Student Loan Debt

Democrats continue to argue that ending student loan debt must be a top priority for the Biden administration.

The problem, however, is that “cancelling” loan debt doesn’t mean that it simply ceases to exist; instead, the debt merely gets passed along to taxpayers who never agreed to the loan, signed for it, or even benefited from it. 

Democrats know this, but they’re still pushing hard for it. The left is even playing the race card, stating that the cancellation of student loan debt will mean more equity for black and brown Americans. 

Time will tell whether or not President Biden seeks to cancel student loan debt without congressional involvement. 

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