Biden Now Hurting Democrats in Vital U.S. Swing Districts

Democrats helped get Joe Biden into the White House. However, Biden’s presidency is now beginning to majorly backfire on Democrats, especially as they gear up for the 2022 midterms.

Recent surveys have shown that Democrats are beginning to realize the mistake they made in getting this president into office. A new McLaughlin & Associates poll attested that more than five in ten Democrats don’t think Biden will finish his current presidential term.

Democrats have also expressed a minor drop in approval of Biden, falling from 90% to 85%, as documented in polls. Meanwhile, across the country, Biden’s overall approval ratings are going down faster than the Titanic.

Now, Townhall confirms that Biden’s stupidity and poor policies are having adverse impacts on Democrats running in swing districts ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden’s Harmful Impacts on Democrats in Swing Districts

The White House continues to scream from the rooftops that this president’s policies are popular and widely supported by the United States. The outright dishonest nature of such a flagrant lie is now more present than ever in multiple swing districts across the United States.

According to the Remington Research Group, Biden’s approval ratings on matters regarding foreign policy and the U.S. economy are down by 9% and 7%; this is applicable in swing districts of states like Florida, California, Michigan, Iowa, Virginia, and Washington.

Furthermore, Biden’s work to press ahead with a $3.5 trillion spending package via Congress isn’t looking so good for the Democrats either. Polling shows that in these particular swing districts, 55% disapprove of the aforementioned package; meanwhile, only 36% of these voters approve.

It’s important to note that swing districts voters’ negative views on various elements of Biden’s agenda are far from outliers. A rising amount of Americans across the country are also growing fed up with the horrible job that Biden’s doing thus far.

A President in Collapse

Right now, the United States is witnessing a president in absolute collapse. This collapse is evident in Biden mentally, physically, and in his job performance as president. It speaks volumes that more than half of the country’s voters don’t even expect Biden to conclude his first term.

As Biden collapses, it’s imperative to ensure that the United States doesn’t follow suit. For this reason, Republican leadership is so deeply necessary. GOP governors, attorney generals, lawmakers, voters, etc., are vital to counter the worst decisions of this president.

The White House isn’t going to do this. They’ll continue to lie for Biden and then turn off his microphone to keep him from further making a fool of himself. A massive 2022 red wave, however, is the very first step to getting the United States back on the right track. Next comes voting a Republican president into office in 2024.

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