Biden Put on Blast for Trying to Withhold Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Unfortunately, President Biden has made it his business to politicize coronavirus time and time again. He’s shoved through sweeping coronavirus vaccine edicts that only serve to create anger, staff shortages, and a host of other problems.

Biden’s chosen to attack Republican governors and any American who is not immunized against the COVID virus for whatever reason. Time and time again, this president shows that tyranny and power trips matter more to him than freedom and effective leadership.

Now, the situation has gotten even worse. As Breitbart News reports, Biden is actively attempting to interfere with the use of monoclonal antibody treatments, a form of care that helps people fight off COVID-19.

The president of the United States ought to be ashamed of himself.

Biden’s War Against Monoclonal Antibodies

Like others who have an agenda, Biden is pushing the COVID vaccine as the end all be all. Meanwhile, as this president pretends to be a champion of science, he’s ignoring the people across America who have natural immunity against coronavirus and therefore don’t need a vaccine.

At the same time, Biden is seeking to limit and halt healthcare facilities and hospitals from ordering and administering monoclonal antibodies. Apparently, the president is worried this form of treatment will render too much success, therefore interfering with the vaccine absolutism agenda happening.

A host of Republican lawmakers, along with the non-profit Americans for Limited Government, are holding Biden’s feet to the fire on this one. The GOP members and organization are pushing for a bill that would stop the Health and Human Services Department from interfering with monoclonal antibody treatments.

What Biden’s currently trying to do is a prime example of the fact that all these vaccine mandates are not about health; they’re about control and power over others.

Protecting the Health Decisions of Americans

Biden has no right to interfere with the treatment of monoclonal antibodies simply because he wants more COVID vaccines injected into bodies. This is a prime example of the president placing government bureaucracy and politics over human life.

Americans for Limited Government and Republican lawmakers aren’t the only ones calling out Biden on this. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has likewise held Biden to task.

Weeks ago, the president moved to stop Florida from getting monoclonal antibody treatments from the federal government. This, therefore, forced the Sunshine State to seek new means of obtaining these treatments in order to save lives.

Yet again, Biden acts like he is a king who can do whatever he pleases, rather than a president who is supposed to be serving the American public.

What do you think about Biden trying to stop the proven and effective monoclonal antibody treatments from being used against COVID? Let us know where you stand in the area for comments below.