Biden Questions the Psyche of the American People

Every since Biden got into office, there have been varying levels of questions about his mental fitness to actually do the job of being president.

These speculations actually predate Biden’s time as president; however, since last January, Biden’s made a series of decisions and odd behaviors that have much of the nation wondering.

The president is known to stumble over himself while speaking, whisper into microphones (only to start shouting moments later), and seemingly forget what he’s talking about mid-speech.

Meanwhile, there are various videos of Biden appearing lost while taking questions from the media. Yet, in spite of all this, the sitting president has decided he’s apparently in the position to be psychoanalyzing the rest of the country, as Red State documents.

The Latest Low Point for Biden

Days ago, Biden declared the overall unhappiness many Americans are experiencing is due to a psychological condition engendered by COVID that apparently prevents Americans from experiencing happiness.

Biden’s remarks took an even wilder turn when he stated everyday Americans are the ones with the problem (not him), as they just can’t see all he’s done to repair the economy and make everything else better.

These statements have been lambasted on social media, seeing as they are patently false. The economy is currently being throttled by a supply chain crisis and decades-high inflation levels.

Public safety is in shambles as crime rises. The southern border is a mess as drugs, human traffickers, and illegal immigrants make their way on over. Biden hasn’t made anything better.

By all accounts, his presidency has worsened and damaged the United States. That’s not even mentioning the various ongoing, negative geopolitical affairs that Biden helped to set in motion.

Gaslighting the Country

The president may want to lie to himself; however, it’s morally reprehensible for him to gaslight the nation and claim that folks’ lived experiences under his leadership are just a byproduct of their “psychological” problems and nothing else.

Sadly, these latest remarks from Biden fit a pattern since he’s gotten into office. This president has consistently demonstrated that he’s incapable of taking account for anything wrong that he does.

This is the president who Democrats previously cheered on and said meant “the adults” were back in the room. Biden’s outright dismissal of the American people isn’t doing him any favors, nor is it helping Democrats with midterm races coming up this year.

Much of the nation is looking forward to the days in which Biden no longer holds the American presidency.

What do you think of Biden’s latest remarks about him supposedly making the economy better and about Americans supposedly suffering from psychological issues that stop them from seeing what an awesome job he’s done? Please let us know in the comments area.