Biden Rips Nation as “Systemically Racist” During Thanksgiving Address

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Since the media declared Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden as the election winner, Biden hasn’t hesitated to run with this. On Monday, the General Services Administration gave Biden the necessary tools to commence a power transition into the White House. Meanwhile, litigation on the end of Trump’s legal representatives remains active.

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Yesterday, Biden stood before the nation and gave a Thanksgiving address. On the day before Thanksgiving, the former vice president spoke about how he views the nation; Biden also talked about the future he sees for America and the plans he has, should he win the 2020 presidential election.

In keeping with the Democrat Party’s message, a substantial part of Biden’s Thanksgiving address involved branding the nation as “systemically racist,” reports Breitbart News.

Biden on “Systemic Racism” in America

The former vice president’s address to the country involves a series of catchphrases such as “solutions, not shouting” and “[dreaming] big.” Before calling America systemically racist, Biden vowed to bring cures for diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. He did not, however, put forth a plan for how exactly these cures will come about.

After making a series of other grand promises, the Democrat vowed to “finally” rid the nation of what he called “systemic racism.” This is not a new talking point by any means; as a matter of fact, the liberal left regularly deems the country to be wholly and “systemically” racist without hard, supporting evidence.

Additional statements in Biden’s Thanksgiving address also touched upon COVID-19 and added calls for Americans to wear face masks. Mask-wearing is something that the former vice president repeatedly refers to as a “patriotic duty.”

Over the course of the 2020 presidential election, Biden has repeatedly vowed to implement a nationwide mask mandate; he’s also gone back and forth on the legality and constitutional basis of enforcing such a mandate.

Proceeding with the Fight for Election Integrity

Biden’s Thanksgiving address yesterday arrived under the very clear context of the “president-elect” addressing the nation. In truth, though, whether or not Biden is truly president-elect still remains to be seen.

On Wednesday, President Trump participated in a Pennsylvania Senate hearing about fraud in the 2020 presidential election; likewise, a judge in Pennsylvania also backed the GOP’s case to delay the state’s certification of its election results.

These developments, along with several others, arrive amid conservatives’ calls for the Trump legal team to deliver on results.

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