Biden Rolling Back Trump-era Healthcare Law

The existing contrasts between the Trump and Biden administrations cannot be overstated. When Biden came into office, he made rolling back Trump’s policies one of his top priorities. Unfortunately, the outcomes of this haven’t been so great.

Energy independence and border security have taken serious nosedives since Biden came into power. To make matters even worse, the current president isn’t showing any willingness to make tweaks to decisions that are clearly not working out so well.

In fact, Biden is set to roll back yet another Trump-era law, this one having to do with healthcare, according to Breitbart News.

Another Controversial Decision

The law Biden is rolling back permitted healthcare workers to abstain from performing gender change operations, sterilizations, and abortions if doing so would conflict with their conscience.

Going forward, if any employer determines that healthcare workers refusing to perform these procedures would engender “undue hardship,” healthcare workers won’t be able to back out of them.

Furthermore, the ability for healthcare workers to avoid performing gender change operations alone is going to become a lot more difficult amid the revocation of the Trump-era law.

Quite frankly, this is quite on-brand for the current president. Nevertheless, it is not being well-received by healthcare workers who agreed with the law put in place by the Trump administration.

Americans outside of the healthcare industry who disagree with sterilization procedures, abortions, and gender change operations also remain critical of the Biden administration.

More to Come in 2023?

As this year wraps up, Biden has been publicly patting himself on the back, stating 2022 was a job well done, and there’s more to come in the new year.

Supporters of the president have been cheering him on. However, many Americans who do not agree with the administration or its decision are dreading what he may try to pull off in 2023.

Nevertheless, some of Biden’s critics are consoled by the reality that he won’t have Congress completely controlled by his own party. Going forward, Republicans are going to control the House of Representatives.

This means, for the remainder of Biden’s term, he’s going to have to work with the other side, rather than simply getting Democrats to come together and pass bills on party vote alone.

Time will ultimately determine what 2023 brings and how the current president goes about making choices that impact the nation. At the very least, what he’s able to push through Congress is going to have to pass the system of checks and balances.

What do you think about the Biden administration’s choice to roll back a key healthcare law put in place by the Trump administration? We invite you to share your thoughts about this decision and use the comments section below as your sounding board.