Biden Slammed For Outrageous Claims About the Southern Border

Since Joe Biden’s time as president, the situation at the southern border has been in shambles. Though since Biden opted to end Title 42 earlier this month, the border’s gotten even more out of control.

As word of Title 42’s demise spread, various migrants have been lining up at the southern border, eager and ready to enter. To make matters even worse, the Biden administration is opening the floodgates and letting them in.

One of the most onerous things about the immigration crisis in this country is the Biden administration’s refusal to even be honest about what’s happening.

Now, updates from New York Post reveal that Biden is once again under fire, this time for flat-out lying about the southern border.

A Shameful Display

Over the weekend, the media asked the president to comment on the situation at the nation’s southern border. Biden reacted to this by declaring the area is in “better” conditions than the public expected.

Also revealing was Biden’s response when asked if he had any plans to see the southern border himself. According to the president, he has no such plans because, to him, a visit to see the border would amount to nothing more than “disruption.”

Meanwhile in the Real World

What the president declined to mention is the fact that an individual on the FBI’s terror watchlist was actually busted in his efforts to enter America via the southern border. With Title 42 being a measure of the past, we can all expect more situations like this to eventually materialize.

Right now, Biden is campaigning for another term in office.

If he gets his way, the border will continue to remain open to more chaos and problems. This country desperately needs a leader who is going to restore commonsense immigration reforms and uphold the law of the land.