Biden struggles to speak coherently during round table event


On Thursday afternoon, Joe Biden held a virtual round table event as part of his campaign for the presidency. Unfortunately for the Democrat, he struggled to speak coherently and keep the event gaff-free. The problems only get more serious any time that Biden must speak without a teleprompter or answer unscripted questions.

Biden regularly forgets the names of close advisors or the word ‘coronavirus.’ He regularly contradicts himself, forgets key policy positions, and fails to construct simple sentences.

Virtual round table a disaster for the Biden campaign

During the round table, Biden mistakenly claimed that 85,000 American jobs have been lost in the pandemic and that millions of lives had been lost.

It’s no wonder that Biden’s public appearances have been remarkably few in number for a presidential campaign. Even if he is getting set up as a storefront President for behind the scenes interests like the Clinton Cabal, it is unclear even at this early stage how they will be able to keep up the facade that he is mentally fit to rule.

Another classic, jumbled quote from the round table: “We’re . . . in the middle of a pandemic that has cost us more than 85,000 jobs as of today. Lives of millions of people. Millions of people. Millions of jobs. You know, and we’re in a position where, you know we just got new unemployment insurance, this morning, uh, numbers, 36.5 million claims since this crisis began.”


Biden has also failed to stick to his story on the Tara Reade sexual abuse allegation. First, he came out insisting that he did not abuse the woman. This claim was enough for leading Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to shut down discussion of the issue. The prominent feminist organizations leading the ‘me too’ charge have sadly proven themselves to be little more than cardboard cutouts that do their Democratic paymasters’ bidding by remaining silent on Reade. During the roundtable, Biden changed his story to claim that he did not remember Tara Reade at all, which, given his mental state, is probably closer to the truth.

A failing mind facing multiple scandals

Biden is at the heart of various scandals currently unfolding in Washington DC. Besides Reade, there is Biden’s involvement in illegally unmasking Michael Flynn. There is also an ongoing investigation into his corrupt dealings in Ukraine, involving his son Hunter. Besides these, Biden is likely to be implicated in John Durham’s investigation into the illegal origins of Russiagate, which could produce charges of treason for those involved.