Biden, Texas Governor Speak Amid Crippling Winter Storms

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For nearly one week, the state of Texas has suffered immensely from snowstorms. The severity of these storms has prompted the loss of electricity, loss of water supply, and even loss of life. Many Texans are struggling, while some are losing everything after being hit hard by this weather.

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Debates about Texan energy sources have come up amid the snowstorms ravaging the Lone Star State. Some Americans believe that these storms show the importance of the oil and gas industries, while others (mainly Democrats) argue differently.

Yesterday, the 46th president called Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott on the sixth day of snowstorms to discuss the troubling situation, confirms Breitbart News.

The Conversation Between President Biden and Governor Abbott

On Thursday, the Democrat president spoke with the Republican governor regarding the harm being done to Texas’ water and power infrastructures.

According to the White House, Biden let Abbott know that Texans have his support and the support of the U.S. federal government. Likewise, Biden reportedly informed the Texas governor that he will work with the state’s officials to provide necessary relief and assistance.

The Biden-Abbott phone call also followed FEMA’s delivery of water, food, blankets, and generators to the Lone Star State. As of yesterday, 600,000 Texas residents remained without power and at risk of further blackouts to come.

Work on the End of Governor Abbott

The Texas governor remains hard at work to weather this storm, restore resources, provide relief to his state’s residents, and get people on their feet again.

On early Thursday evening, Abbott announced that an absence of power generation is no longer causing residential power outages. Hence, any ongoing power outages are due to power company disconnections and/or damaged power lines. Both of these matters (and many others) are ones that the Texas governor is working on fixing.

Since the storm, Governor Abbott has consistently released updates regarding safety alerts, positive developments, and other details that Texans need to be aware of. Abbott has also confirmed that the Texas National Guard is active across the Lone Star State to get residents into warm and safe shelter areas.

In the days and weeks to come, Texas will be hard at work to recover from the harm engendered by these historic winter snowstorms.

What did you think about the phone call between Biden and the Texas governor? How much time will the Lone Star State need to fully recover from these snowstorms? Let us know down below in the comments section.