Biden to Convene with GOP Lawmakers on $2.5 Trillion Spending Bill

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With Joe Biden as president and in power, the nation is once again facing a costly spending bill that will have horrific consequences if Republicans cannot stop it. 

Right now, the Democrat Party is working day and night to make the most of their narrow majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives. Democrats do not aim to work in a bipartisan fashion with GOP lawmakers; instead, the left merely seeks to pass one terrible piece of legislation after the other and then pretend as though unnamed Republicans somewhere in America support it. 

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Right now, Biden has proposed a spending package to the tune of $2.5 trillion. According to Breitbart News, Republican lawmakers are going to convene with the president and vice president for talks about this package. 

What to Expect from the Meeting Between Biden, GOP Lawmakers

Later today, President Biden and Vice President Harris will meet with GOP congressmembers Deb Fischer, Roger Wicker, Garret Graves, and Don Young. Democrat lawmakers will also be present at this meeting revolving around Biden’s expensive spending package. 

On Friday, Biden stated that he aims to get Republicans on board with his $2.5 trillion spending package. Whether the president truly means this or is simply saying what sounds good on camera will be determined by the outcome of today’s meeting. 

The last time Biden met with Republican lawmakers on legislation, he later told Democrat lawmakers to move forward with his bill, GOP support or not. 

Is Bipartisanship Possible at this Point? 

The Biden administration does not have a pattern of working with the Republican Party. In fact, over the past several days, White House aides have attempted to rewrite the definition of bipartisanship.

Democrats are now claiming that bills which lack any GOP lawmakers’ support can still be bipartisan if Republican voters or GOP state leaders support them. This is both a strawman argument and a lie. There is no legislation that is widely backed by Republican voters and leaders and yet also wholly rejected by GOP congressmembers. 

In the work to pass Biden’s spending package, Democrats have also started the work to change the definition of infrastructure. 

What do you think will come from Biden’s meeting with Republican lawmakers later today? Do you think GOP congressmembers will manage to successfully stop Biden’s $2.5 trillion spending package from passing? Let us know what you think comes next in the comments section below.