Biden Under Fire From Democrats, Due to Border Policies

The Democrat Party has been abundantly clear that it’s not widely supportive of measures that uphold border security. Select Democrats here and there have acknowledged issues involving the southern border; however, it’s not a matter that the party is collectively speaking out about.

In fact, when some Democrats do encourage even the most basic measures to ensure the security of the US southern border, they’re often slammed by the members of their own party.

Interestingly enough, Joe Biden is now finding himself on the receiving end of this rage after extending an immigration policy from the Trump administration, according to Tampa Free Press.

A Closer Look at Criticism of Biden From Democrats

In a nutshell, Democrats take issue with the president using Title 42 as a means of deporting migrants from select countries who illegally enter the United States. Biden’s use of this measure is interesting, seeing as his administration once worked tirelessly to do away with Title 42.

Earlier this week, Democratic lawmakers gathered at a press conference, calling for the president to cease using Title 42 as a means of deporting migrants.

Democrats believe Biden’s use of Title 42 means “punishing” individuals seeking asylum, something deemed by these lawmakers to be “appalling.”

What Biden does next remains to be seen. However, this is a president with a track record of allowing the most extreme factions of his party to control his decisions.

Border in Disarray

While Democrats are hitting Biden for his use of Title 42, they haven’t put together any comprehensive reforms to deal with border issues. Right now, the data shows that since Biden took over the White House, illegal crossings have increased in frequency and magnitude.

Even Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has acknowledged the lack of necessary work on the border from the Biden administration. Hobbs is also now helping migrants get transportation out of Arizona and to other communities across the nation.

At this point, it’s more than apparent that the southern border cannot continue on as it has been. There has to be something done to not only secure the border, but also to dissuade individuals from making the dangerous trek to enter America in the first place.

In the meantime, the White House will have to figure out what it’s going to do with Title 42 and whether or not it’ll revert back to any more Trump-era policies to regain order. Nevertheless, it’s more than apparent that what Biden has been doing up until now is not good enough.

What do you think about Democrats who are attacking Joe Biden’s use of Title 42 to deport certain migrants? You can let us know your takeaways from this latest criticism of the president down below in the comments area.