Biden Widely Panned Over His Criticism Against DeSantis

Republicans and Democrats have long butted heads with one another when it comes to education in America.

More often than not, Republicans support school choice. In a nutshell, it is this choice that allows parents to determine whether they want to send their kids to public schools, private schools, charter schools, etc.

However, Democrats tend to take a not-so-friendly disposition toward school choice. The party has historically received political support from labor unions, which enormously benefit from having as many children as possible in public schools.

This week, Biden went after DeSantis over the latter’s education policies, as reported by Fox News.

Though, ironically, in trying to make a point against DeSantis, Biden actually appeared to endorse school choice, which is contrary to his education views, along with the education views of his party.

A Missed Shot

Roughly 24 hours ago, the president declared via Twitter that “every education opportunity” should be available to kids nationwide, despite their zip codes.

In making this statement, Biden also tweeted out an article with a headline reading that DeSantis was “blasted” for allegedly wanting to gut AP classes. The president then wrapped up his tweet by suggesting his view about “every education opportunity” isn’t the “consensus view” for some.

However, this didn’t exactly go the way Biden likely thought it would.

For starters, many Republicans rushed to the defense of the Florida governor. In doing so, they mentioned if Biden was truly serious about readily available education opportunities, then he would support school choice.

Though Biden does not and has not supported school choice, even before he was president.

As a corporate Democrat, Biden has long been cozy with labor unions. In fact, when running in the 2020 presidential election, then-candidate Biden vowed to be the most union-friendly president.

Try Again Next Time?

Biden’s criticism about DeSantis’ approach to education isn’t the first time he’s traded blows with the Florida governor. It’s unlikely to be the last, especially if DeSantis decides to run in the 2024 presidential election.

However, Biden’s comments do draw attention to the backlash Democrats have faced for quite some time over their education policies.

It’s been pointed out that many Democratic lawmakers who oppose school choice either attended private school themselves, sent their kids to private schools, or both. Just days ago, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs was challenged over this issue while giving an interview.

Despite the president being called out for what many Americans deemed to be sheer hypocrisy, it’s unlikely that he’ll be changing his point of view any time soon.

What do you think about the contrast between Biden’s criticism of DeSantis vs. the education policies that Biden supports? You’re more than welcome to sound off down below in the comments area.