Biden’s Allies Bracing for Democrats to Lose Georgia Runoffs

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A newly released poll from InsiderAdvantage and Fox5 shows that Georgia Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are tied with GOP opponents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler at 49% each.

Polls have shifted back and forth between the favor of the Democrats and Republicans throughout the Senate runoffs; however, Election Day is today. Georgians across the Peach State are making their way to the polls to determine whether or not the U.S. Senate stays under a Republican majority.

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Publicly, members of the Democrat Party are projecting confidence in their likelihood of defeating Sens. Loeffler and Perdue. However, Townhall reports that behind the scenes, Democrats are bracing for Republicans to ultimately prevail in these Georgia special elections.

Why Democrats Expect to Lose the Georgia Runoffs

According to Politico, aides for Joe Biden are “privately skeptical” about the chances of Ossoff and Warnock both defeating Perdue and Loeffler and thus handing a Senate majority to the Democrats. In fact, such an outcome is being described behind closed doors by leftists as “nothing short of a miracle.”

Election Day is upon Georgia; however, it wasn’t too long ago that campaign managers for Ossoff and Warnock were warning about their candidates’ struggles with direct voter contact. Countless political studies have proven that direct contact with voters plays a monumental role in getting them to the polls.

On the other hand, Perdue and Loeffler haven’t had issues with getting up-front-and-personal with Georgia voters. They’ve carried out bus tours and hosted a series of free events for Georgians to attend and rally.

The General Election Factor

Democrats also believe that the votes of the November general election will be mirrored in the Georgia runoffs.

While none of the candidates won the necessary majority to avoid a runoff election, Sen. Perdue received 88,000 more votes than Ossoff did; meanwhile, Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rep. Doug Collins, both of whom were running against Warnock, received a collective total of over 636,000 more votes than the Georgia Democrat.

If the turnout in these runoffs mirrors the November general election, Perdue and Loeffler will likely win. Collins, who is out of the race and therefore no longer splitting the GOP vote, is furthermore urging Georgians to get out and cast their ballots for the two Republican senators.

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