Biden’s Approval Rating Reaches Historic Low

It is not an exaggeration to state that Biden’s presidency has been one disaster after the other. Trouble first arrived when the president began forcing through one executive action following the next.

One of the earliest signs of Biden’s incompetence was when he shut down Keystone Pipeline. In doing this, the president eliminated thousands of jobs and significantly weakened this nation’s energy independence.

As time continues, the fecklessness of this president continues to grow more apparent. Biden’s spending habits have forced this nation into an inflation crisis. His botched decision-making at the U.S.-Mexico border has led to a disaster zone for Border Patrol officials.

Meanwhile, Biden’s poorly executed U.S. troop withdrawal in Afghanistan cost 13 servicemembers their lives and led to the Taliban getting control of high-grade U.S. weapons. At the same time, Americans to this day are stranded in Afghanistan as Biden does absolutely nothing.

In light of all these details, Biden’s approval rating is now sitting at a historic low, as Newsmax attests to.

The Utter Flop of the Biden Presidency

According to a poll released by Economist/YouGov, the president’s approval rating is down to a dismal 39%. Meanwhile, 49% of Americans do not approve of Biden. This comes amid the fallout in Afghanistan and Biden’s attempts to pass the buck by blaming former President Trump.

Previous polling has shown that Biden significantly lost favor with Independent voters; however, the Economist/YouGov poll confirms that the president’s approval amongst Democrats has dropped to 77%. Biden previously maintained 86% approval within his own party.

Economist/YouGov has their own thoughts on why the president’s approval rating has taken such an ugly turn. They note that the Afghanistan pullout, COVID limitations and case surges, along with worries about the economy are significant reasons for Biden’s 39% approval rating.

It also doesn’t help matters that 13 Marines serving the United States military died in a terrorist bombing, following Biden’s pullout. After the deaths of the brave soldiers, Biden took heat for checking his watch at the dignified transfer ceremony and disrespecting Gold Star families.

A Mockery of the Presidency

As sad as it is to say, Biden is quite literally making a mockery of the presidency. For all of Biden’s spending programs and stimulus handouts, jobs reports have been abysmal. Biden can try to dance around this all he wants; however, the jobs report from August spoke for itself.

It’s becoming more and more obvious to the nation that Biden isn’t up for the job. If this is how he’s doing less than eight months in, it stands to reason that this president will not last another 3.5 years. Biden’s presidency is the ultimate case study for why Americans should never elect another Democrat to serve in the White House.

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