Biden’s Infrastructure Spending Bill Under Fire for High Costs, Tax Increases

"210210-D-BN624-0998" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Days ago, President Biden presented an infrastructure package before the nation.

The problem, of course, is that just 6% of the package goes towards projects involving infrastructure. This serves as an interesting parallel to the president’s American Rescue Plan that had only 9% of the spending dedicated to coronavirus relief. 

“210210-D-BN624-0824” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Secretary of Defense

Biden and his leftist allies want the nation to believe that passing this infrastructure package into law is the best step forward. However, the truth does not support what the Democrats are selling. 

The reality is this: not only would 94% of the Biden infrastructure package go to initiatives completely detached from infrastructure, but the package would also engender massive tax increases, as Breitbart News confirms. 

The Problems with Biden’s Infrastructure Spending Bill 

The president’s spending package would result in a 7% hike of the corporate tax rate. This increase would then result in consumers paying higher prices for goods and services; also, workers will lose hours and jobs, to some extent, as a means of offsetting these costs. 

On Good Friday, President Biden addressed the nation and professed that his tax hike would actually benefit the country. According to Biden, higher taxes will cause America to produce more energy and “function better.”

No one with a solid grasp on economics believes this; in the middle of an economy that’s recovering from crisis, the last thing a sensible leader would do is raise taxes. Republican congressional leaders such as Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are vowing to push back on Biden’s infrastructure package each step of the way. 

McConnell noted this week that the majority of the spending bill centers around Green New Deal orders and raising taxes. Leader McCarthy has also made similar points about the infrastructure package as well. 

Can Biden Win Over Republican Voters?

Yesterday, President Biden alleged that Republican voters in America will back his infrastructure package. Thus far, there is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim. 

Not only are GOP voters not supporting Biden’s infrastructure spending bill, but they’re also balking at the astronomically high tax increases that this package would engender.

Republican voters don’t tend to favor tax hikes; they especially aren’t supportive of increasing taxes during a time when so many Americans are struggling, looking for work, and desperately in need of every dollar. 

The fact of the matter is that 94% of Biden’s infrastructure spending bill is about funding far-left projects, not fixing the nation’s highways, bridges, and roads. This why GOP leaders and voters alike are coming out against this package in full force. 

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